Friday, April 4, 2008

Types of Reality Shows

Celeb-Reality: Reality shows with celebrities are a rage with the audience.
Examples: Dancing with the Stars, The Simple Life, and Big Brother

Prank-Reality: Reality shows that involve pranks played on ordinary people and capturing their candid reaction.
Examples:Candid Camera, Punk’d (Ashten Kuthcher)

Game Shows: Reality shows that are based on games.
Examples: Who wants to be a Millionaire?"
Hollywood Blocks, Weakest Link

Talent Hunts: Reality shows that are looking for talented people be it singers, dancers or even actors.
Example: American
Idol, America’s Got Talent, Star Search

Job-hunts: Shows that are synonymous with live on air interviews are listed under this category.
Example: The Apprentice, On the
Lot (Directors), Project Runway (For fashion Designers), The Runway (Tommy Hilfiger), Hell’s Kitchen (Chefs)

Makeovers: Reality shows with make over stories. Be it a personal makeover or a home make over, these shows are very popular with the audience.
Example: Monster House, What-not-to-wear, While You Were Out

Dating-Shows: Reality shows that gave a platform for dating men and women on air.
Example: For Love or For Money, Perfect Match New York

Social Experiments: A relatively new genre of reality television that involves interaction of distinct social groups.
Example: The Beauty and the Geek, Wife Swap, My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé.

Adventure/Fear based shows: A genre of TV shows that challenges the participants with difficult and weird tasks.
Example: Fear Factor, Who Dares Wins

Some reality shows provide artists a good platform to get noticed, some shows help people win money and fame but almost all of them keep the audience hooked on to the action and craving for more!

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Eli Yackel-Juleen said...

Thank you for this blog, it has been a long standing question in the back of my mind what the different categories of reality television are.